Sites of Interest

The idea of this page is to be a place where I can put sites that I tend to mention to people so they can find them if they lose the URL.

What I try to put here are sites that piqued my interest because I learned something from them – they don’t necessarily have cool production values, just interesting information…

  • Nicholas Economides’ The Economics of Networks is an interesting web “paper” that summarizes a lot of economic insight into network structured businesses.
  • The Vanguard program is a great place to meet the folks who are shaping the future of technology. I’m on the advisory board… along with people whose names are much better known. Take a look, and join us at this long running conference series that has tracked the evolution of computer and communications technology pretty well for almost ten years.
  • Restoring Baird’s 30-line Television Recordings – a really cool effort by one Don McLean to get “heads” for some 70-year old bits. Dead Media – other interesting stuff regarding old media no longer available (see Reed’s 1st law in my good stuff world.)
  • CDDB Server Home Page – A collaborative effort to construct a database that provides metadata about audio CD’s that can then be used to enhance smarter CD players. Sony should have done this!
  • Dan Bricklin’s site includes a web that has some artifacts from the history of Software Arts (including [soon] executable copies of VisiCalc for the PC that still run.)
  • Another part of my history is the Multics project.