Regarding OAM based multiplexing of radio and light

Bob Frankston suggested I post some of my recent remarks and references to Orbital Angular Momentum and its potential value in increasing the capacity of “spectrum” (the word I think misleads everyone, but that’s a subject I’ve talked about a lot). So I did put up a brief page here, with some references also. I believe my comments made it onto Dave Farber’s Interesting People list, though I do not follow that list.

This is part of my general quest to get the wireless community to stop thinking about radio as “colors” and “rays” and “channels”, since they are poor approximations to the physics of EM waves, based on Marconi’s techniques for CW multiplexing of morse code. I wish the regulators were far more cognizant of the fundamental physics and our modern Computational Radio toolkit – the path I started following back in 1994, when I got fascinated with wavelet analysis and UWB Impulse Radio and their bases in physics and connection to information theory.