Welcome to the "Virtual Office" of David P. Reed: a collection of information relevant to my various business, professional, and research interests.

I post occasionally on a personal blog entitled dpr. The purpose of that blog is to capture ideas and writings that are worth sharing with others. Most of the content focuses on my interests in networking, spectrum and Internet policy, and computing topics of interest to folks in the computing and communications area.

Group Forming Networksis a page where links regarding GFN's and Reed's Law are collected.

Open Spectrum is a page where links related to my work on Open Spectrum are collected.

The idea of this page is to be a place where I can put things that I tend to mention to people so they can find them if they lose the exact reference.

There are a number of themes that seem to link these things together. One way to think about them is my struggle to understand systems that grow and evolve, especially those that include people who build them, benefit from them, and design or organize them. This is the real theme of the Information Economy. It seems to me that there is a new 'physics' of such systems waiting to be formulated. What does a 'real option' have to do with the end-to-end argument? What does punctuated equilibrium have to do with disruptive innovations? I think there's a huge synthesis possible here.

The link between architecture, economics, innovation, and evolution of systems is probably at the core of what drives my interest.

If you'd like to comment on anything about the site, feel free to contact me. I'm always interested to hear from folks.

In the past I used to blog also on SATN.org a place where I, Bob Frankston, and Dan Bricklin have decided to put a joint weblog and pointers to a collection of current essays.  Think of it as a stream of consciousness site - and an experiment in exploiting the group forming properties of the Blogging world. I haven't posted much for several years there, since my personal blog is a more focused forum.